VK2DX urban grabber
QF56oe Sydney, Australia

My 30m QRSS transmitter is GenesisRadio QR2S. REPORTS / SNAPSHOTS welcome!

Wish to build your own 30m QRSS? Printed circuit board available for $15. Set of 8 crystals: $20. I probably have most of the other components in stock, email VK2DX

QR2S schematic diagram
QR2S Bill of material
QR2S HEX file
Control panel application
PICkit and uC wiring
Bottom layer modification

Setup your own grabber: download ARGO by I2PHD
Beginner's ARGO setup instructions by VK2DDI

14.0008 MHz grabber

10.140 MHz grabber

Grabber RX setup:
GenesisRadio G11 HF home made transceiver 3el yagi, L/4 vertical

QR2S control panel:

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