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Genesis Q5

Price: US$ 19.95 + $9 shipped worldwide

Genesis Q5 is a simple quartz crystal controlled QRP transmitter designed by YU1LM and produced by VK1AA. The maximum power output is 1 W, CW only.

Q5 QRP TX kits are available for the following frequencies:

Q5-80 (3.560 MHz)
Q5-40 (7.030 MHz)
Q5-30 (10.116 MHz)
Q5-20 (14.060 MHz)

The crystal frequencies are standard international QRP frequencies.

Additional crystals available. Click here to order.

Genesis LPC5
Genesis Q5 crystal controlled QRP transmitter video

Genesis LPC5 Control and Low Pass filter board video

Modifying your Q5 transmitter for QRSS

QRSS refers to extremely low power and low speed communication technique.
Colin G6AVK modified his Q5 for FSK keying and he is using it as a QRSS beacon.
For more detail see Genesis Q5 QRPP transmitter modified for QRSS

Kit Content

Kit comes with the following components:




Quartz crystals
1 Quartz 10,116 MHz
Optional crystals available 3,560 MHz, 7,030 MHz, 14,060 MHz.

1 C1, C4 100 uF
2 C2, C3, C6, C10, C11, C12, C13, C14, C15, C16 100 nF
3 C5 10 nF
4 C7, C8 33 pF
5 C9 330 pF
C9 value: 330pF (Q5-20, Q5-30), 680pF (Q5-40), 1nF (Q5-80) and 150pF for Q5-10 (28.188MHz beacon)

1 R1 10 R
2 R2 4K7
3 R3 330R
R3 value: 1K5 (Q5-80)
4 R4 100K
5 R5 10K
6 R6 390 R
3 R7, R9 330 R
7 R8 560 R
8 R10, R11 6R8
9 R12 33 R

RF Choke
1 L1 470 nH
2 L2 47 uH

Integral Circuit
1 74HC04N
2 Voltage Regulator 7805

1 T1 BC556
2 T2 2N3866

1 D1 1N4148

1 Heat sink for 2N3866 Aluminium
2 Key jack 3.5mm
3 Antenna connector BNC

Q5-30 Schematic Diagram

Click Picture to Enlarge
Q5 Schematic Diagram

Phase 1

Assembly of Oscillator

After the assembly of the oscillator, connect the input voltage and keyer.
Current consumption is approx. 40mA @12.8V.
You should be able to hear Q5 oscillator on your receiver.

Phase 2

Assembly of PA section

Current consumption is approx. 110mA @12.8V. (approx. 130 mA key down).
Should you wish to increase output power replace R7 with 220R.
Under normal operation condition 2N3866 will get fairly hot - even while not transmitting.
However this is quite acceptable - 2N2866 is robust transistor capable of 3W dissipation at 200C.


Genesis Q5 QRPP transmitter and modified for QRSS
by G6AVK

Click Picture to Enlarge
Genesis Q5 QRPP transmitter modified for QRSS

Addendum 1: LP (Low pass) Filters
for Genesis Q5 QRP Transmitter

Designed by Dipl. Ing Tasi Siniša-Tasa YU1LM/QRP

In order to improve the output spectrum of Genesis Q5 QRP transmitter it is strongly recommended to add a low-pass filter.
Described below is practical realization of two simple, yet effective LP filters:

-monoband version consisting of just two T50-2 toroids and
-four band version for 80m, 40m, 30m, and 20m (four T50-2 toroids)

Monoband LP filter

Schematic diagram, components values and frequency amplitude responses are shown below.

Table 1

Table 2

Multiband LP filter

Schematic diagram showing multiband filter and switching arrangement. For component values refer to Table 2.

The amplitude frequency responses for all 3 combinations:

I wish you success in your QRP and homebrewing endeavors! 73, Tasa

3. Mini ring core calculator 1.2

Addendum 2: Low-Pass and Control Board for Q5 is now available as stand-alone kit, LPC5.

Need help? email: or download Q5 instruction notes as PDF file