Firmware update

Warning: before update process starts close GSDR (it is possible to hang system!).
Each GSDR update archive contains all necessary files for G59 and G11 update.
After GSDR archive unpacking inside GSDR folder find and start program G59FlashProgrammer.exe
(for G59) or G11FlashProgrammer.exe (the G11).
Program display contains all the vital information for update process:
- Mode indicates radio status:
   – Boot means that in addition to the regular functions it is possible to upgrade software;
   – Firmware is the regular mode and can not upgrade software;
- Boot version is the version of the microcontroller boot part;
- Serial number is the radio serial number and can be changed;
- Firmware version stands for Firmware version of the microcontroller firmware part;
- New Firmware version is the version of G59firmware.bin located within GSDR directory;

Software update is performed as follows:
– First we need to put microcontroller into BOOT mode: press the PTT/DOT
   command and power on radio (takes a few seconds for Windows to recognize the
   radio and load drivers for it);
- Start G59FlashProgrammer.exe and check in which mode is radio (status must be Connected);
- If radio is in BOOT mode, press Erase Firmware button to delete firmware part of the microcontroller;
- After a few seconds, button Write Firmware becomes active. If new firmware version is higher than current
press Write Firmware to update softvera. If you want other firmware version it can be opened manualy by pressing
File Open (searches files with the extension BIN).
- Progress bar shows update status:
- If everything went flawlessly at the end of the upgrade process restart command is issued to restart controller;
- When radio is connect again Windows reloads the drivers and gives a distinctive sound;
- Now it’s possible to enter new serial number with Write command in the range 1-9999.
After writing new serial number you need to restart the radio again.
    Goran Radivojevic  YT7PWR