Popular weak signal mode for short wave, called JT65-HF, can be used with GSDR.

Using VAC audio software connect GSDR VAC with JT65-HF audio input/output.

Then configure ethernet settings for CAT control. GSDR is acting as HRD Server. JT65-HF RiGControl/PTT settings (“localhost” HRD Server Address is identical to “″):

GSDR CAT over Ethernet settings (Server port and Local address must be identical on both side):

If everything is set correctly Local address will be green (red if something is wrong). In case of trouble open Debug window and check Ethernet box for error messages.

With current JT65-HF version only reading over CAT will work. For PTT use “PTT port” on JT65-HF side and “PTT Control” on GSDR side (COM ports must be connected via virtual COM port driver like com0com). Second option is to use classic audio VOX on GSDR side.

Goran Radivojevic YT7PWR