Database Editor

Database Editor is utility program for viewing and editing XML based files. It can be very useful for changing band text according to your country regulation or changing radio band filter limits (if you are constructor of band pass filters).
When program starts it is displayed currently opened database file name: band_database.xml. If file do not exist DatabaseEditor will create initial tables.

DatabaseEditor main screen
Initially tables are sorted by first column value. Sorting method can be changed by mouse click on first row with column names.

To open different database file click on Open database button and select new *.xml file:
DatabaseEditor open database

You can now change every individual row, add new or delete complete row.
Edit row:
DatabaseEditor edit row

To delete first mark row and then click on “-” button:
DatabaseEditor delete row

To add new row click on “+” button. New empty row appear below marked one:
DatabaseEditor add new row

If you change database “*” character is added after database file name as warning.
DatabaseEditor allow complete table removal by clicking on Remove table button. New table can be imported:
DatabaseEditor import new table

Individual table can be exported to a new file:
DatabaseEditor export table

Entire database can be exported to a new file:
DatabaseEditor export database


Goran Radivojevic YT7PWR