WinLIRC client

GSDR can be controlled with infra-red remote controller. First go to WinLIRC home page, download and install latest package. Select your remote controller and edit configuration file (usually config.cfg) file from WinLIRC folder. If your remote controller is not supported use IRRecord.exe for learning codes (more info on usage page).
Open Setup->General->Options set Server address ( for local host) and enable WinLIRC client. By default port is 8765 and must be open in Firewall settings if WinLIRC server is not located on local PC where GSDR runs.

DX Cluster client

If WinLIRC client is connected address field will change color to green, if not to red.

DX Cluster client

In Debug window can be analyze commands from WinLIRC server.

DX Cluster client

Example for remote controller configuration file (MSI Media Center remote):

# Please make this file available to others
# by sending it to #
# this config file was automatically generated
# using lirc-0.9.0(SerialDevice) on Mon Oct 08 18:02:46 2012
# contributed by
# brand: ..\config.cfg.conf
# model no. of remote control:
# devices being controlled by this remote:

begin remote

name MSI
bits 16
eps 30
aeps 100

header 300 13400
one 300 2048
zero 300 1024
ptrail 300
repeat 300 11150
pre_data_bits 16
pre_data 0x61D6
gap 115000

begin codes
1 0x807F
2 0x40BF
3 0xC03F
4 0x20DF
5 0xA05F
6 0x609F
7 0xE01F
8 0x10EF
9 0x906F
0 0x00FF
Restore 0xCA35
Step_down 0xBA45
Step_up 0x7A85
Freq_up 0x3AC5
Freq_down 0xFA05
Menu 0x08F7
Power 0x48B7
Exit 0x728D
Band_up 0x58A7
Band_down 0×7887
Vol+ 0xD827
Vol- 0xF807
Mute 0x30CF
Rec 0x12ED
Stop 0x9A65
Play 0x28D7
Mem- 0x926D
Mem+ 0xDA25
Stop 0x9A65
T-Shift 0×8877
Return 0xE817
Ttx 0xF20D
Mts/Srs 0xC837
Recall 0xAA55
Set 0xEA15
Eq 0x1AE5
PlayMode 0x5AA5
Suspend 0x0AF5
Sleep 0x8A75
DVD 0x2AD5
FM 0x6A95
MemRecall 0xB24D
fwd 0x18E7
rev 0×6897
end codes

end remote


Goran Radivojevic YT7PWR