Supported radios

With GSDR we can use a variety of SDR radios. Common to all of them is that for operation use sound card A/D converter and they differ by the type of control connection:

- connected to serial port (COM port);
- connected to USB port;
- connected over ethernet network;

- First group includes radios manufactured by GenesisRadio type G40, G3020, G160, G80, G500, G137 and also any other vendor (eg Softrock …). This method of control is very simple and comes down to reading the state of the control pin and changing the voltage levels to control pin TX/RX state and with a little hardware correction it is possible to send the CW monitor signal while sending a message through the CWX form. This group of SDR radio can be improved by adding an external signal generator Si570 (also known as QRP2000) resulting in a possibility to change the LO (wider coverage, ability to work with a fixed IF TX). For his work requires ExtIO_si570_usb.dll

G40               G3020

- Second group now consists of G59, G11 and QRP2000. G59 is all band radio covering the ranges 160-6m with power output of 10W (6W to 6m) and has built-in CW Keyer with Iambic modes A and B. G11 is a multi-band and covers up to 5 different bands starting from LF (500m and 2190m), HF (160-10m) and VHF 6m. G11 also have built-in Iambic CW Keyer. QRP2000 can be used alone and it has it’s own
sources for CW/PTT and it also have the option of changing TX/RX status pin. This radio type requires SRDLL.dll library that is placed within GSDR athive (it is used SoftRock interface and it can be replaced by newer, which has advanced features).

G59    G11    Si570

- Radio can be controlled via Ethernet network. For now is in the stage of prototype G11 with Ethernet module.

  Goran Radivojevic YT7PWR