LOG book export

If you need to send your QSO conntacts from LOG Book database open LOG_export window:

LOG book export screen

LOG_export supports several different formats:

- ADIF (Amateur data interchange format). For more info visit http://www.adif.org

- EDI (mostly used for VHF contests).

- TXT (plain txt string for each LOG column. It can be import to any type of database).

Also two contests are supported:

- BARTG RTTY (for more info visit www.bartg.org.uk)

- NA Sprint

First and Last boxes points to QSO’s serial numbers to be exported.

Before export starts fill station data from Settings form:

LOG book export screen

Station Callsign,Name, QTH and Locator were taken from Setup->LOG settings->Stn Info.

After you press Export button converted data will be displayed as preview:

LOG book export screen

Press Save As button and choose file name and extension for exported data:

LOG book export screen


Goran Radivojevic YT7PWR