Keyboard form can be open from main menu: Options->Keyboard

Keyboard screen

Before keyboard form use fill station info:

Keyboard screen

Used macros:

<CALL>           station callsign
<My CALL>     my callsign
<My RST>        my signal report
<My NR>          my serial number (for contest)
<My QTH>       my location
<My LOC>       my locator
<My Name>     my name
<Name>           station name (if empty replaced with “OM”)
<My Info>          my station information long
<My Zone>       my zone
<Freq>              working frequency
<Mode>            current operational mode
<Date>              current date in short format
<Time>              current time
<Band>             current band
<No>                 number of contacts for current operational mode (statistics from LOG book form)

Keyboard form contains 8 programmable buttons. To open keyboard settings form click on button Settings(F12) or press F12 on keyboard.

Keyboard screen

You can change buttons caption and function using MACRO.

If Keyboard form is opened all messages from QSO LOG will be first send to keyboard message text box. You can check them, edit,delete or add additional text and send with F10. With Save(F11) button current data from QSO LOG is added as valid contact into log book.


Goran Radivojevic YT7PWR