Keyboard shortcuts

-It is easiest to operate GSDR-with the help of a computer mouse with wheel.
Changing frequencies can be done by dragging (drag and drop) rectangle that
symbolizing VFOA or VFOB, dragging the entire spectrum, or by clicking the
left mouse button on the desired frekvenciju. Also is possible to use the
keyboard for most commands by using the so-called. shortcuts.
      -This is initial values and can be changed within GSDR:
      1. Frequency change:
        – Q  1MHz up
        – A   MHz down
        – W  100KHz up
        – S    100KHz down
        – E    10KHz up
        – D    10KHz down
        – R    1KHz up
        – F     1KHz down
        – T     100Hz up
        – G     100Hz down
        – Y     10Hz up
        – H     10Hz down
        – U     1Hz up
        – J      1Hz down
        – M   band up
        – N    band down

      2. DSP filter width change:
        – B  up
        – V down

      3. CW speed:
        – X CW speed up
        – Z CW speed down

      4. RIT function:
        – O RIT up
        – I Rit down

      5. XIT function:
        – [ XIT up
        – P Xit down

      6. Voice messages
        – F1…F6 messages 1…6

      7. CW messages
        – F1…F6 messages 1…6

      8. External Si570 GUI show/hide:
        – F10

      9. CW keyer commands
        – .  CW DOT
        – /  CW dash

      Keyboard commands which cannot be changed:
       – ESC  abort Voice or CW messages– Ctrl+G in CompactScreen change visible    group up
        – Ctrl+V in CompactScreen change visible group down
        – CTRL+Left WheelTuning step up
        – CTRL+Right WheelTuning step down
        – CTRL+UP increase VFOA or VFOB up
        – CTRL+DOWN decrease VFOA or VFOB
        – CTRL+A G59 or G11 on/off AF function
        – CTRL+R G59 or G11 on/off RF function
        – CTRL+T G59 or G11 on/off ATT function
        – CTRL+D change Display mode
        – CTRL+S Split mode on/off
        – CTRL+F DSP filter lower edge
        – CTRL+L lock/unlock VFOA
        – CTRL+K on/off VFOSinc
        – CTRL+M MOX (RX/TX) command
        – CTRL+ADD RF Gain up
        – CTRL+SUB RF Gain down
        – ALT+A  change AGC mode
        – ALT+S on/off SubRX
        – ALT+F DSP filter upper value
        – ALT+G VFOA->VFOB
        – ALT+H VFOB->VFOA
        – ALT+I filter shift reset
        – ALT+R reset RIT
        – ALT+T on/off TUN
        – ALT+V on/off VFOSwap
        – ALT+Y XIT reset
        – ALT+Z on/off VAC function
        – *  on/off speaker MUT
        – -  speaker volume decrease
        – +  speaker volume increase
        – K  filter shift (PBT) down
        – L filter shift (PBT) up
        – SPACE MOX (RX/TX)
Goran Radivojevic YT7PWR