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GENESIS G3020: 30m+20m dual band all-mode 5W SDR Radio Transceiver KIT

KIT Building: The ultimate joy of building one's own amateur radio equipment

The greatest part of 'homebrewing' is the enjoyment felt after seeing and hearing the results of your work. Whether you are an experienced radio operator or just a novice kit builder, GenesisRadio G3020 will enrich your enjoyment of Amateur Radio. With over 400 electronic components to assemble, G3020 will keep you busy for many hours - not counting hours you'll enjoy operating this powerful SDR radio transceiver 'on air'.

GenesisRadio G3020 will change your radio experience for ever! Welcome to the future of SOFTWARE DEFINED RADIO communications. The SDR revolution is here, so why not join in now? Thousands of amateur radio operators worldwide have already discovered this new and fascinating world which combines the excitement of homebrewing, low power (QRP) operation and SDR.

Genesis G3020 monoband 30m+20m dual band all-mode 5W SDR transceiver kit

The easy to assemble G3020 comprises 400 classic through-hole components that build into a serious performing 5W QRP 30m+20m dual band transceiver that’s also fun to operate, but this doesn’t end there. The philosophy behind the Genesis G3020 is a simple open hardware platform that empowers the SDR, QRP and kit-builder ham community to also enhance the base unit with schematic diagrams, modifications, parts list and the details to expand G3020 capabilities available online and supported as a group project.

Experience the Magic Sounds of SDR

If you had no opportunity yet to hear the Software Defined Radio signals 'live' then you don't know what you are missing!

For you enjoyment Tasa YU1LM - who is designer of Genesis G40 - have recorded an audio file taken during the ARRL CW Contest in February 2009.

To be able to hear the recording, first download PowerSDR SR40 Software and then set it up as per instruction outlined here.

For the next 5 or so minutes you will be able to tune up and down the band and to listen to over 400 signals including authors two way contact with K2Z as they've been heard at YU1LM end. Tasa was using GenesisRadio G40 on 40 m band with 5W output power into simple delta loop antenna!     Click here to continue...

  G3020 Technical Details: Specifications
Genesis G3020 monoband 30m+20m dual band all-mode 5W SDR transceiver kit

   G3020 Assembly Pictorial

This web presentation provides a snapshot of the different assembly phases while building your G3020. We took a number of photos to illustrate build and adjustment process.

Please take a few moments of your time to browse around and to get familiar with your new toy !

Click here.

   Image rejection adjustment

   G3020 to PC: serial to USB adapter setup

   G3020 E-MU 0202 soundcard wiring

Feedback  FEEDBACK

Feedback genesis G3020 genesis radio   "I have been running my new, complete, Genesis G3020 for about 24 hours now in automatic WSPR mode. I have been cautious, running it at only 100mW, as WSPR sends for two solid minutes at a time. WSPR, a weak signal program can pull a signal out from way down below the noise. It requires precision frequency settings to put the transmit/receive passband within a three hundred Hz band. It also requires a ton of study and understanding, especially if you handicap yourself as I did with two sound cards, instead of one multiport card. This afternoon, Europe opened, and I had two-way "spots" from Italy, Germany, England, Wales, and others, as well as out into the West. I did not hear or reach the West coast of the U.S. This is all on 30 meters. And I am only running 100mW into a 130' doublet with tuned feeders. You can see a map of the contacts here. It is worth a click. The Genesis has been a lot of work; but I'd have to say it has been worth it. Because it is SDR, you get much more rig than the parts count could predict. Not that this is a small project--400 parts is a lot of parts to get all in the right holes and soldered up. I'd have to say I got more than my money's worth. If you're game for some work, and don't expect Heathkit instructions with individual check boxes to tell you to find one resistor and install it, then you should consider this rig. There's plenty of support online, if you need it. I obviously have no stake in Genesis."
Preston, WJ2V at QRP-L Forum

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S51QA the first receiver test

S51QA the first two-way contact

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G3020 30m+20m/ 5W Transceiver KIT. Includes professionally manufactured double layer PCB and all components. Online assembly help file. Yahoo Group support.

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