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Updated stock list, July 10, 2015.

GenesisRadio, stock ready to ship.

Picastar PCBs Set of PCBs. USD$100 Shipping USD$30
Genesis G11 DIY PCB+ 10x PE4320 USD$ 59 Shipping USD$18
Genesis G3020 PCB + four crystals USD$ 19 Shipping USD$18 (3 only)
Genesis G40 PCB + crystals USD$ 19 Shipping USD$18
G59 microcontroller, programmed USD$ 30 Shipping included
G59 Mark I (beta) PCB only USD$ 40 Shipping USD$18 (2 only)
G11 SMD assembled, uC programmed USD$300 Shipping USD$30 (1 only)

Orders and paypal payment to nick@clockmaker.com.au

G59 kit

G59 kits are available form Bruce, KF1Z.
See http://kf1z.com/genesis/order.html

73 Nick VK2DX

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To find more about G59 kit proceed to G59 web page

73, Nick VK2DX

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